Employee wellness: Why access to water is key

Did you know that encouraging your staff to drink enough water can boost productivity by as much as 14%?

But how does water help?

Water is essential for many organs, particularly the brain. Unknowingly, a thirsty brain can drain all our energy and unknowingly distracts us from focusing on our work. By staying hydrated, the brain will help us to think and function much better.

Water helps us sleep

By drinking enough water, it allows us to sleep better, aiding with repairing and recovery whilst our bodies rest, another essential factor in improving performance at work.

Don’t get dehydrated

Even as much as being dehydrated mildly can affect our bodies, such as a warm office environment. The blood flow to our brains can be affected and affects our short-term memory and mood, sometimes even a headache.

How much water should we drink?

Water requirements are different for everybody. Factors such as age, sex, level of activity and diet all play a huge factor. Generally speaking, 7-8 glasses of water daily will help you well on your way to staying hydrated.

Most of us don’t drink enough water

It’s common that most of us don’t realize that we’re dehydrated. We generally don’t feel thirsty until our body is already mildly dehydrated and by that time some of the negative affects of dehydration have already kicked in. Drinking regularly throughout the day can help prevent dehydration.

How can you encourage your staff to drink more water at work?

As an employer, it is your duty to provide a fresh source of clean water for your staff. To help encourage them to stay hydrated, you can implement the following; -

  • Installing water coolers in the workplace
  • Offering a variety of herbal teas (as well as your usual supply of coffee/tea)
  • Providing reusable water bottles to all staff
  • Making fruit available
  • Sharing the benefits of drinking water to all staff
  • Include guidelines on drinking enough water in all employee health and wellbeing policies

Are you ready to reap the rewards of a happy, hydrated workforce? Talk to us today about how we can help encourage your team to stay hydrated at work by implementing a range of hydration solutions. Call us on 0800 073 0474 to speak with a friendly member of our team.


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