New year, new you. Kick start your health with water.

After all that over indulgence over Christmas, who doesn’t want to get healthy in the New Year?

And what better than detoxing with water we say! Always be careful as not to overdo it as over consumption of water can damage your body. Here are some handy tips on where to start your water detox >

Add lemon to your water to start the day

According to research, adding a slice of lemon to warm/hot water will help your digestive system. It is best drunk on an empty stomach, which helps maintain the pH balance of your body and an additional source of vitamin c.

Before eating

Surprisingly, to help you overeating, you can drink a glass of water before your meal. This is because sometimes, your body can send hunger signals when in fact you are thirsty.

Before bed Drinking water before bed can improve your circulation, and help boost weight loss.

Infuse your water

A great boost to your water drinking routine is adding fruit such as raspberries, watermelon or mint. Each type of fruit brings its own benefit and it is worth researching online which type of water infusion is best for your body goals.

Access to water

Finally, having good access to water throughout the day is key to maintain regular drinking. In order to sustain this in the workplace, we offer a number of water coolers to suit every environment. To find out more, have a browse around our website or give us a call on 0800 073 0474.


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