5 key reasons as to why water intake should be higher over winter

We are all aware of the importance of remaining hydrated during the summer months, however, for many, water consumption dramatically declines during the winter. The next five essential points highlight the importance of remaining hydrated over the winter period.

  1. Combat winter dehydration

With the cooler weather comes the layers of clothing and turning up of the thermostat. This artificially created warmth combined with the dry air of heating leads to winter dehydration. During the cooler weather your body’s thirst response decreases significantly, hence, the lack of water intake can have a significant impact on your overall well-being. It is crucial that you remain hydrated to maintain the correct body temperature, allowing your blood to transport the key nutrients and oxygen around your body and flush out the toxins.

  1. Improve your skin

Winter brings with it a host of problems, one of them being dull skin due to the dry artificial air from central heating combined with lack of hydration. Regular water intake will keep your skin glowing and those blemishes away.

  1. Keep you energised

Daytime fatigue is often the result of dehydration which causes the body to slow down and use your extra energy reserves. Ensure you keep a glass of water at hand to remain alert and energetic during the course of the day.

  1. Fight winter weight gain

Drink a glass of water before indulging in that unhealthy highly calorific snack as often the brain mistakes thirst for hunger. Furthermore, remaining hydrated also allows the digestive system to function effectively.

  1. Protect your immunity

Dehydration can have serious implications on your immune system therefore it is pivotal that you drink plenty of water to ensure your body is fully functional in protecting you from those nasty viruses and flu.

As you’ll agree, staying hydrated during the winter months is key. Here at Refresh Water, we have a number of hydration solutions to which provide fresh, clean filtered water for your staff and visitors.

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