6 ways to keep your team engaged during a meeting

We’ve all sat through bad meetings. A lot is said, but nothing gets accomplished. No one leaves with action items they can work on, and employees are just as fuzzy on what’s next as they were before the meeting.

As a manager we all want our team to be proactive at all times. When it comes to meetings, you want staff to actively engage and contribute where necessary. But is that always achievable?

We’ve put together some ideas to help you get the most from your team: >

  1. Start your meeting on a positive note. This is an ideal icebreaker, even asking each team member to share some good news (business or personal) can be helpful to boost confidence and get everyone talking.
  2. Set goals. What are you wanting to achieve during the meeting?
  3. Have an agenda. Create an agenda and be strict about keeping within those boundaries and not getting carried away. Time is precious and you don’t want any staff thinking their time is being wasted.
  4. Comfort. Ensuring your team are comfortable in their surroundings is crucial. Keep an eye on the room temperature and ensure that everyone in your team has a plentiful supply of refreshments too, whether that be a glass of water or a hot drink.
  5. Brainstorm. If you are looking for ideas or to solve a problem, asking your team could be the best solution. This way your team can contribute.
  6. Incentives are great. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy but some light snacks or cakes show that you care about your team and their presence is valued.

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