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The all new B6 from Borg & Overstrom

Bringing together advanced technologies alongside a streamlined design - could this be the most advanced water cooler to date?

Borg & Overstrom have a history of defining our workspace with their innovative designs and technologies, so we can expect nothing less with their latest addition.

The B6 brings together increased performance, digital connectivity, hygiene and sustainability – all in one unit!


So let’s learn more about the incredible features of the impressive B6:-


The simplistic design of the B6 allows it to be placed in any location and still look appealing to the eye.


We all like to keep things British where we can and the B6 is no different. Manufactured in the UK, using recyclable components and local suppliers wherever possible, the B6 is paving the way for our industry.

Energy efficiency

The B6 is fitted with a sensor to push the unit into standby after periods of inactivity. In addition, it uses Borg & Overstrom’s Dry Chill high performance cooling technology which cools the water much quicker than conventional water coolers.

Digital ready

The B6 features Bluetooth operation as standard where users can operate and manage the unit wirelessly.


The B6 comes with Biomaster Antimicrobial technology within the front panel, dispense area and the console which provides protection against the growth of bacteria and mould.

Feature rich

Whatever your preference, the B6 offers something for you. Instant purified, chilled, ambient, sparkling or hot water to meet the demands of a high-capacity environment.

Advanced purity

The technology behind the water purification is so advanced. Users can benefit from the latest Viovandt LED-UV technology. The system behind it is mercury-free, chemical-free and energy efficient LED water purification.

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