Back to school – why kids need to stay hydrated

The new school year is creeping up on us, it won’t be long until the summer holidays are over. Are you prepared for the new term?

With the new term comes the need to review existing policies and processes that are in place for children and their health too – that’s where we come in, everyone needs to stay hydrated as water is essential for all bodily functions, especially for children.

Children dehydrate quicker

Did you know that children have a greater risk of becoming dehydrated? As children are smaller, they have a smaller reserve of body fluids.

Children easily forget to rehydrate when running around and having fun, often rely on carers to remind them when to drink.

Staying hydrated is important

A child’s body is around 60% water, it’s essential to keep them topped up with fluid regularly throughout the day.

Dehydration can cause tiredness, headaches, lack of concentration and overall reduced mental performance.

How much should children be drinking?

Advice from doctors or health services will often promote that your children drink “plenty” of water. This may be a little vague, but perhaps that is because the amount a child needs to drink varies due to factors such as the weather and physical activity levels. However, it is typically advised that a child aged between 4-13 should drink between 6-8 glasses of water a day.

How can you encourage them to drink more?

• Have water readily available for children to drink. Water coolers are a great way to encourage them to drink as it’s a gadget. If they are out playing, give them a bottle to take with them.

• Lead by example. When a child sees a parent or care provider topping up on water throughout the day, they will often copy their actions.

• Children love to ask questions so talk to them about why water is actually good for you and the benefits to the human body.

• Don’t be scared to add a little flavour. Some children just find plain water too boring, so throw in some mint leaves or raspberries to add in a little favour.

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