The Benefits of a Drinking Fountain

When it comes to choosing the right hydration equipment for your organisation, you may assume that a traditional bottled water cooler is the right choice. However, in today’s world there are many other solutions available that may better suit the needs of your users and have a lesser impact on the environment.

A drinking fountain could be the perfect option for your organisation; it can supply continuous fresh, filtered water and it can be a much more cost-effective solution for keeping everybody hydrated.

Traditionally water fountains are constructed of stainless steel however; more recently there are alternative materials that are now available to suit your environment. They all have a basin complete with a waste system, a range of different taps (dependant on each model) and are fitted freestanding, plumbed in to your mains water supply.

Here we explore the benefits of implementing drinking fountains in your organisation: • Drinking fountains can be the ideal solution for high usage areas, such as sport centres, universities, school corridors, factories and office buildings. • They are designed to handle harsh, high demanding environments without suffering extensive wear and tear. • They are easy and quick to use. • The fountains are plumbed in, they do not require bottled water delivery and don’t need much maintenance. • Drinking fountains can dispense a high output of fresh, chilled drinking water. • The fountains encourage instant water drinking by the user or the use of reusable cups or sports bottles, which is great for your organisation’s economic responsibility.

We have a number of water fountains that boast a variety of features, take a look here for more information.

Additionally, we offer a number of hydration solutions ranging from bottled water coolers through to plumbed-in systems. If you would like further information about installing a water cooler in your place of work, get in touch today.


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