Get Motivated in 2018 – Drink More Water

Did you know that one of the best ways to keep motivated is being hydrated; a recent study from The University of East London focussed on the effect of hydration and drinking water on cognition and the brain and mood. They utilised bio electrics to measure hydration in adults and came up with some amazing results.

34 men and women completed various mental tests initially after breakfast and then after consuming a cereal bar and a bottle of water – the relevance was to show differences once thirst was relieved. Clear rules of no eating and drinking the night before were laid down for all participants and each were asked how thirsty they were the following morning.

The participants who were thirsty found that after drinking a bottle of water their performance increased by 14%. The researchers found that "these results are consistent with water consumption freeing up attentional resources that were otherwise occupied with processing the sensations of thirst." This means that if you are dehydrated, all your mental energy is focused on the fact that you need water, this can affect how you perform at work. If you think you could be dehydrated check out the signs of dehydration.

Just a 2% drop in your hydration level can lead to a 20% drop in your mood and concentration level; recent studies showed that 96% of office workers are regularly dehydrated at work.

With low levels of hydration affecting you, motivation sinks, concentration lowers, and performance overall suffers.

To be at your peak throughout 2018 and to stay motivated and ready for anything, drink at least 3 litres a day.

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