Getting ready to hit your fitness goals – Kick-start them with a coffee

You are probably well in to your fitness regime after the new year; but are you aware how a great coffee can help you reach your next goals.

At Refresh Water we not only supply all your hydration needs but also have a great range of coffee machines to give you the best cup of joe and keep you motivated and alert through the day.

Caffeine has long been discussed in the fitness and sports world and is a key in many sports gels and drinks, but a recent published paper by Samuele Marcora, Ph.D., a University of Kent endurance expert and author of the paper published in the journal Sports Medicine, suggests that the benefits of psychoactive substances (like caffeine) in sports, will help you stick to your long term fitness regimes increasing not just physicality but also focus and endurance.We know caffeine enhances performance but had not recognised the other benefits - "In my opinion, we have not paid enough attention to the core psychobiological reason for why most people do not regularly engage in physical activity: humans do not like to exert effort," Marcora wrote in the paper. "We need to find ways to significantly reduce the perception of effort and discomfort during exercise without reducing exercise intensity and/or exercise duration."

It is all based on other work worth reading like the motivational intensity theory and the Hedonic theory of motivation which basically discuss the view that if your perception of hard workouts is reduced then you perform better and your desire to continue increases.

So, before you hit the gym or a hard task grab a great cup of coffee , one should do the the trick ( more than 100g may make you feel lightheaded or sickly). Its worth noting that one expresso is around 75g of caffeine.

If you want to keep your motivation high and want great coffee in your office, gym or business then give us a call for all the best advice on our great range of coffee machines. or


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