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How to use your water cooler safely

As we all know, if you are operating a business – hydration is an essential part of keeping your staff healthy and happy. As well as printers and door handles, we recognise that water coolers and are a heavy use item within the workplace and therefore hygiene should be maintained, especially now more than ever.

During the current pandemic, many businesses are doing all they can to keep their staff and customers safe. This should include your water cooler and other hydration equipment.

We have produced a poster which you can download and print to display next to your water coolers. Click here to download your free water cooler safety poster

Tips to keep your hydration and food areas safe:

  • Use antibacterial wipes or spray to sanitise all areas. Using a product which is food safe is far safer, such as our own sanitising spray. Sanitisation of these areas should be done frequently, and where possible, after each use.
  • Have hand sanitiser/soap to encourage staff/customers to maintain healthy hand hygiene.
  • Water coolers have a drip trap to catch excess water. Empty this regularly and wash thoroughly.
  • Display signs to encourage social distancing – keeping at least 2m away from people when using the hydration equipment.
  • Use a clean glass or bottle or where available single use cups – we have a number of cups available which are fully recyclable.
  • Consider implementing screens where required. For example, if the hydration area is close to other people working it would be advisable to have a screen to protect the staff.
  • Introduce additional water coolers or hydration equipment to reduce the waiting/queuing time. We have a number of solutions we can offer on a temporary or permanent basis.

As a company, Refresh Water are closely following the developments of the current pandemic and we are proactively adapting our product range to not only promote good hygiene but help our customers find all the resources they need in one solution. If you need any help, please do give us a call, we are more than happy to help.

To view our current workplace sanitization products, click here.

To view our range of water coolers, here.


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