The life of a water cooler bottle

Find out how economical and environmentally-friendly our water coolers are, despite using plastic bottles. Our 19 L water bottles for water coolers are re-used as many times as possible before being recycled.

Single-use plastic bottles get a poor reputation. The water you buy when you’re on-the-go often comes in 500 ml bottles that are designed to be thrown away after you’ve finished with them. They’re known for going on to pollute our oceans, rivers and outdoor spaces if not disposed of correctly. And we all know that landfill sites are overflowing with them.

So what about water cooler bottles? The water coolers we supply take 19 L bottles that are designed to be re-used. There’s no risk of chemical leaking from these, because they’re made from a different type of plastic. A water cooler bottle is made from food-grade plastic, which is very durable.

When you’ve finished with a water bottle (we recommend that bottles aren’t left open for more than 3 weeks), we’ll take it back. The bottle is then sanitised and re-used as many times as possible. Each time we re-fill a bottle, we check for leaks and damage, ensuring the bottles delivered to our customers are of excellent quality.

During its lifetime, a water cooler bottle can make over 50 trips backwards and forwards from supplier to customer. Each bottle can supply over 1,000 litres of water. Compare this to the 500 mL you get from your single-use bottle!

When our water cooler bottles reach the end of their useable life, they can be recycled. The plastic used is highly valuable thanks to its optical clarity and durability. Our bottles are ground up and melted down to be moulded into something new. They can be made into just about anything; from DVDs to car headlight covers!

So next time your employees are sat with a single-use water bottle on their desk, think about improving your business’s environmental footprint by installing a water cooler! For more information, speak to a member of our sales team on 0800 073 0474.


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