Maintaining your bottled water cooler: Why it’s important

As an employer, you want your staff to be healthy and that means providing a safe working environment, and with that includes the responsibility of providing clean drinking water, which incorporates your bottled water coolers.

Your bottled water cooler requires little in the way of effort to maintain it and this is because essentially, water coolers are simple mechanisms. Water coolers do, however, need to be sanitised regularly. According to the British Water Cooler Association, they should be maintained every quarter, as a minimum.

Why do bottled water coolers need sanitising?

The water in our bottled-fed coolers comes from natural and sustainable sources. That means the water goes through the least amount of processing possible to give a pleasant taste, with water-borne minerals intact, at the point it is dispensed.

Unfortunately there are things within our environment that help to create the right conditions for water-borne germs to flourish.


When water is exposed to the sunlight, bacteria and germs can start to form. As part of water cooler servicing, our expert engineer may suggest you move the water cooler to a more shaded spot.


Part of the mechanism within the water cooler does get warm when in use. As water passes through when a user presses the tap to dispense water, it wipes these bacteria off the surface and into the water. The bacteria are harmless but, if the water cooler is not sanitised on a regular basis, it could potentially cause problems.

Clean surface

All our water coolers have a sanitised surface, which is coating that doesn't allow water to “stand still”. This coating technology prevents germs and bacteria from being able to stick to a medium that allows it to grow.

The surface needs replenishing from time to time and, as you would expect, is part and parcel of water cooler servicing.

Germs passed from hands, equipment and the environment

Not everyone has the same meticulous hand-washing regime as us and therefore taps and dispensers that are frequently used could carry some unseen and unpleasant bacteria.

Just a simple wipe with a disposable wipe sanitising spray and the dispenser is germ-free.

Airborne dust and grime

Like all other surfaces, dust and grime settle on it and, to keep it clean, it will need a wipe every now and then. We always suggest placing your water cooler in a well-ventilated area and one that is not subjected to a lot of dust and air-borne particles floating about.

Water sanitisation and maintenance services at Refresh Water Around every 12 to 13 weeks, one of our fully accredited engineers will sanitise your water cooler. This is to maintain the system and prevent any of the above potential issues highlighted. If you don’t currently use Refresh Water for your hydration needs, give our knowledgeable team a call today. To find out more on 0800 073 0474.


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