Product Focus: Billi Instant, Boiling & Chilled Taps

How long do your staff stand around waiting to the kettle to boil? How much moaning have you heard over the last few months about the office being too hot? Or maybe the tap water in your building tastes a bit… off? The answer may lie with the latest range of taps from Billi.

Billi are a leading manufacturer of boiling, chilled and sparkling water drinking water systems. They’re an Australian company which started in 1989 and pride themselves on innovation and quality.

Here at Refresh Water, we’re now supplying the most popular Billi boiling and chilled water taps to workplaces across the UK. Not only can you make the perfect cup of tea instantly, but the cold water is also filtered to provide refreshingly clean drinking water.

How does it work? We’re currently offering the Billi Eco and Quadra ranges to our UK-wide customer base. Each of these units provides boiling (98.5 °C) or chilled (6 – 15 °C) straight out of the tap. We simply install a small unit under the sink and replace your existing tap with one of the contemporary lever-style taps designed by Billi. Is it safe?

Billi have perfected the safety features of their products by adding an integrated safety switch to their full range. They also ensure splash-free delivery by slowing the flow of water as it leaves the tap, so the hot water stays in the cup!

Surely, it’s expensive?

No! The Billi Eco and Quadra are designed with energy efficiency in mind. These taps could save you money on your energy bills and recover your initial installation costs. They have a built-in timer that monitors your daily usage times so that the heating and cooling unit only operates when you need it.

Need more information?

The instant water taps are featured on our product pages. They are also available in a range of designs. If you want to find out more, give our friendly team a call on 0800 073 0474.


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