Water cooler installation in care homes

One of our most recent projects nearing completion is a major water cooler installation for a care home provider in locations throughout the UK.

Ranging from Scotland all the way down to Plymouth, the care home provider needed to upgrade their existing hydration systems.

Following an extensive assessment, we have implemented over 200 units of varying features according to our clients needs. An example of this includes specialist dementia areas where we have implemented a key fob operation with water boilers to prevent any accidents.

The majority of the locations have a high demand for the direct chill water facility to use for water bottles and jugs. Our Kalix water cooler was selected for this use due to its high output of chilled water. This model can provide up to 105 cold cups of water per hour.

Overall we’re really pleased with how smoothly the project has gone and so is our client. We will continue to service and maintain their systems on a regular basis throughout the year to ensure that our client receives the best possible service.

If you would like to find out more about water coolers for an organization with the care sector, please get in touch on 0800 073 0474. Our expert team are on hand to deal with any of your queries.


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