Which water cooler is best?

As an essential piece of equipment in the workplace, your water cooler helps to keep everything running smoothly in the background, just like a PC or printer for that matter. Therefore, it’s important to make sure the water cooler you choose is right for your environment.

There are a number of key factors that you should consider when choosing your water cooler which we have highlighted here >

  • Desktop or freestanding – How much space do you have and where do you want to have your water cooler placed. A freestanding machine usually takes up around 40cm x 40cm. If your cooler is going to be placed on a worktop, you may need to consider the cupboards around it. Or if you have no space at all then an under sink chiller may be the cooler for you.

  • Hot, cold, sparkling water? - You can start very basic with a water cooler, as you go up the range you can benefit from an array of functions such as hot water or even sparkling water. Additionally, consider where the unit will be placed when looking at the options, for example, if you are wanting the hot water facility, will it be in a safe location away from children? Bear in mind that a hot water cooler dispenses hot water at approx. 72 deg- which isnt quite warm enough to make the perfect cuppa.

  • Cost versus appearance – We have a great range of water coolers available with various styles and functions. Dependant on your requirements, you may just want a water cooler which is cheap and cheerful. Others may want a more modern and stylish option. Most of our cooler models also now come with colour options to choose from.

  • Usage – When choosing a water cooler, consider the usage that it may have. All the water coolers in our range have different outputs to suit the needs of different customers. There are different factors that should be taken into account, the amount of water that the cooler can chill in an hour and the amount of water that the cooler can dispense. It is best to discuss your requirements with one of our customer service advisors – they can advise accordingly.

  • Style of water cooler – A traditional tall water cooler can be suitable for most environments, however, if you are a gym or a school, then perhaps a fountain style of water cooler may be better suited? Consider how you would like the water to be delivered – will you be filling it into a normal cup or a bottle? This is important because if the cooler will be used to fill sports bottles then a large dispense area is by far the most hygienic and safe option.

  • Plumbed in or bottled? – There are two styles of water coolers available and again, dependant on your environment, are both beneficial. A bottled cooler can be placed almost anywhere in an office, whereas a plumbed-in cooler needs to be placed close to a water supply. A bottle cooler is also a great option if your mains water feed isn’t potable, however if a cooler has a high footfall of people using it then a plumbed in option is by far the most economical option.

Choosing a water cooler that is right for your organisation should be a careful one. Luckily, we’re on hand to help guide you through the process. All our team are experienced in ensuring that you not only receive an excellent service from us, but that the product you choose is perfectly suited. Get in touch today to find out more about our range of Water Coolers on 0800 073 0474.


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