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Why you need a coffee machine in the workplace

We all want to improve employees’ working environments in any way we can. Not only to improve employee satisfaction, but more recently to encourage staff to want to work in the office rather than from home.

Offering flexible working is a hot topic but the majority of workplaces need their staff to be at work at least some, if not all of the time. By creating more ‘at work benefits’ for staff, it will encourage them to want to visit the workplace much more.

Fresh coffee machines are an ideal addition to the workplace – ensuring that staff benefit from quality-tasting-coffee without the hassle of going out to buy one!

Weighing up the options of investing in a coffee machine isn’t an easy task, we’ve listed some benefits of why you should go for it:

Increased energy levels Caffeine is a mild stimulant and speeds up the processes between our brain and body. As part of a balanced diet, in acceptable doses, caffeine makes us feel more awake and alert.

Stimulates productivity The benefits of caffeine can help staff feel more awake and more alert throughout their working day which helps to improve productivity – keeping them focused on their work.

It is well known that regular breaks from the computer screen can help with productivity – grabbing a coffee break with fresh coffee can certainly help with that.

Improves memory The consumption of coffee is linked with the improvement in both short-term and long-term memory, which will help with staff productivity.

Saves time Having a quality, fresh coffee bean-to-cup coffee machine in the office means staff won’t have to leave the workplace to grab one from the local shop. Staff can benefit from a quality hot drink quickly and efficiently.

Reduce stress It is thought that caffeine consumption can be linked to a reduction in stress.

Having a bean-to-cup coffee machine at work can help to create an overall positive workplace. Your staff will benefit from higher energy levels, increased productivity, and creating a happier workplace.

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