Why you need a water boiler instead of a kettle

We look at the advantages of using a hot water boiler and why you shouldn’t be using a kettle in your workplace.

The kettle

A kettle is always the first thought when you fancy a brew, but is it the most economical and time efficient way of preparing your drinks in all situations?

Our old favourite kettle commonly produces around six mugs of hot water. In an environment where there’s demand for a lot of drinks, the popular conventional method is just not cut out for the job, meaning all that waiting time for the kettle is wasted. Additionally, this method has a cost implication if you are boiling it constantly, and costs can increase quickly without thinking about it.

The hot water boiler

Particularly when it comes to a busy environment, a water boiler may be the best solution whether that may be in a workplace, catering or an area with high public footfall, which requires regular hot water for refreshments.

Hot water boilers are capable of heating larger quantities of water much quicker than a kettle. Not only does it make it easier to prepare your hot drinks, it is much cheaper than having to boil the kettle numerous times.

The time and cost saving advantages are already appealing, but what about its ease of use? A simple press on the lever and hey presto; your hot drink is ready!

If you are considering implementing a hot water boiler for your environment, give us a call to discuss your requirements. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are more than happy to advise on the best solution for your needs.


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